The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1964 (cask no. 9)

The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1964 (cask no. 9)

This spirit has been patiently perfected for 46 years in our deepest darkest warehouses.

43 years slumbering in American white oak casks, has gifted the spirit with its initial backbone of creamy vanilla and honey notes.

Following this, the spirit spent a further three years maturating in a Matusalem oloroso sherry cask, giving it a majestic quality.

Provocative notes of orange, lavender and patchouli prevail, whilst whispers of coffee and black forest fruits dance on the palate. A true multitude of flavours.

Volume: 70cl ABV: X

The Flavour Profile

The Colour

Dark, shimmering chocolate, mahogany.

The Nose

Honeyed pear, banana and pecan are replaced by aromas of orange peel, lavender, patchouli and violets.

The Taste

Blood oranges, coffee, black forest fruits and crushed apples.

When I was assessing the final whiskies that would make it into the collection I kept coming back to this whisky. It intrigued me. The influence of sherry and age makes this one of the most dignified whiskies within the collection.

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller