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The Dalmore is a masterpiece, made with a relentless focus on realising the full potential of our single malt.

For almost 200 years, The Dalmore has been led by an unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers, always pushing boundaries to mature our spirit in the rarest and most exalted of casks.

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Master Whisky Maker

Gregg Glass is The Dalmore's Master Whisky Maker, renowned for combining tradition with fascinating new ideas and whisky innovation.

Awarded Master Distiller of the Year 2023 at the Global Icons of Whisky Awards 2023, Gregg works in partnership with Master Distiller Richard Paterson OBE, continuing to push the boundaries of possibility like The Dalmore's visionary whisky makers before.

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Master Distiller

A pioneer in the art of cask curation, Master Distiller Richard Paterson OBE's unparalleled expertise and intimate knowledge of rare and precious casks have produced truly iconic, ground-breaking expressions from The Dalmore, that have set the standard in single malt whisky.

For over five decades, Richard has been on a mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in whisky production. Inspired by the vision of The Dalmore’s founder, Sir Alexander Matheson, and the achievements of the Mackenzie family who came before him, Richard is admired across the globe for his passion and innovative flair.

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