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A rare and limited edition single malt

In celebration of our 180 year anniversary in crafting masterpiece whiskies, we present The Dalmore 60 Year Old.

Reflecting the enduring legacy of our distillery, our pioneering spirit and our restless pursuit of the perfect whisky, it is a tribute to the unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers at The Dalmore.

"A fitting tribute to the masterful talents of our distillers past and present."

Richard Paterson

A whisky that began with the Mackenzies

Limited to just three decanters in honour of our 180th anniversary, The Dalmore 60 Year Old has been created from two twin casks - the very last casks of the great Mackenzie era - which have been lying in repose side by side in our Highland distillery.

Filled with spirit that was first distilled on 7th June 1951, these two ex-sherry casks have been slowly maturing and building layers of depth and complexity, with the whisky in each cask evolving in an entirely different direction for sixty years.

Having been nurtured by our Master Distiller Richard Paterson in a labour of love, these casks were then reunited to produce an unforgettable whisky that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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The Dalmore 60 Year Old was unveiled at our highland home and will embark on a global journey to Shanghai, Los Angeles, Taipei, and London.

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