The Dalmore 21

The Dalmore 21

A Masterpiece 21 Years In The Making

It takes time to attain our full potential. But at 21 years old, we come of age and The Dalmore 21 is a true coming-of-age single malt.

We call it the pinnacle of our Principal Collection because it is the very epitome of whisky-making artistry, and the perfect prelude to our range of rare and aged single malts.

Making it takes meticulous care and craft but it is a labour of love.

70cl 43.8% ABV

Exquisitely Casked. Exceptionally Enjoyable.

Under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller Gregg Glass, our talented team of whisky makers dedicate every ounce of their artistry to the creation of this lovingly handcrafted masterpiece of malt.

We compose the perfect spirit in a symphony of idiosyncratic copper stills and hand-finish it in the exquisite sherry wood of rare 30 year-old Matusalem Oloroso casks, exclusive to The Dalmore.

Following its decades-long sleep, we bring it shining into the light, ready to release the antique qualities present in every precious drop.

A Feast For The Senses

Its extra years enfolded in fragrant sherry oak give it a higher strength at 43.8%. They also imbue it with a sumptuously subtle complexity of flavour and aroma.

Flavour Profile

The Aroma

On the nose, you’ll savour the citrus sweetness of Sanguinello blood oranges from Seville, melting into rich notes of bitter dark chocolate and roasted Colombian coffee and the warm scent of Madagascar vanilla pods.

On the Palate

On the palate, you’ll taste sweet liquorice stick, Black Forest fruits, roast walnuts and Christmas cake marzipan.

Finishing Notes

The Dalmore 21 provides a triumphant, lingering finish with layers of peach, ginseng, pear tarte tatin and Sanguinello blood orange.

Having been meticulously crafted and seasoned in the finest 30 years ‘Matusalem’ Oloroso Sherry casks, a spectrum of charm, elegance and refinement awaits you in every mouthful of this aged icon. Truly timeless!

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller