The Quintet

The Quintet

A majestic single malt, beautifully orchestrating sweet and rare Moscatel, prestigious Malmsey Madeira, exclusive Matusalem sherry, aged Port and French Cabernet Sauvignon cask finishes.

Under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller, the liquid is initially matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks. This gives its first base of soft vanilla and honey notes.

The whisky is apportioned between Moscatel casks, Malmsey Madeira barrels, Matusalem sherry casks, aged Port pipes and Cabernet Sauvignon wine barriques.

The five parts are then brought together to harmonise with each cask gifting the whisky with its own characteristics and flavours.

Volume: 100cl ABV: 44.5%

A sensational multi layered assemblage of five different wood influences come together in one mouthwatering explosion of delight.

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller, The Dalmore

The Flavour Profile

The Aroma

Chunky old English marmalade, Napoleon cake and over ripe plums

On The Palate

Glacé nectarines, caramelised pineapple, nutty toffee, and mango & coconut blancmange

Finishing Notes

Maple syrup, Columbian coffee and crushed almonds

The Dalmore - The Quintet

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