The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1983 (cask no. 2)

The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1983 (cask no. 2)

Only 43 bottles of this outstanding whisky have ever been released.

First distilled in 1983, the spirit was lovingly put into a specially selected American white oak cask by Master Distiller Richard Paterson and left to slumber for 26 years.

Hand selecting only the finest and most exquisite casks, he wished to further mature this spirit in an Apostoles oloroso sherry butt from the renowned González Byass bodega.

This large bulbous cask previously contained Apostoles oloroso sherry that was over 30 years old. Over the next three years, The Dalmore spirit would draw its personality from the cask, giving it notes of sweet raisins, freshly baked bread and creamy caramel.

Volume: 70cl ABV: X

The Flavour Profile

The Colour

Deep mahogany copper with glittering amber facets

The Nose

Fresh ground Java coffee, praline chocolate, crème brulee and crushed almonds. Glazed black cherries, patchouli oil and sweet raisins then give way to cider apples, freshly baked bread, sweet bananas and creamy caramel

The Taste

Glazed orange segments, over ripe apricots, maraschino cherries and pear drops with flavours of nutmeg, espresso coffee, treacle cake and balsamic dressing. This is followed by roasted chestnuts, moist banana cake and dates

This cask had been largely forgotten for many many years as it matured on the bottom rack of warehouse no. 4. When I assessed this whisky I knew immediately I had found a hidden gem. Over the years the angels took their share and they left us with only a very small amount of whisky. However, I knew it had to be part of the collection so we released just 43 bottles of this extraordinary malt

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller