The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1980 (cask no. 495)

The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1980 (cask no. 495)

The staves of the American white oak not only nurture the spirit but protect it from the many seasonal temperatures that it faces throughout its lengthy years of maturation.

Only after 31 long years, did our Master Distiller finally release this luminous whisky.

Enticing notes of honey, vanilla, creamy caramel and apple are prevalent after its long maturation in this impressive wood.

Volume: 70cl ABV: X

The Flavour Profile

The Colour

A luminosity of amber, gold and honey with flashes of yellow light

The Nose

Sandalwood, lemon cream pancakes, succulent peaches and freesia, with tangs of ylang ylang, honeycomb, cinnamon and cape gooseberry

The Taste

Dried candied fruits, vanilla, soft panna cotta and tinned tropical fruits give way to fresh pineapple, caramelised tangerines, parkin cake and custard

“I selected this whisky as the American white oak has influenced this spirit over the years to become a picture of true elegance and refinement

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller