The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1980 (cask no. 2140)

The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1980 (cask no. 2140)

This whisky has been matured in a cask which has previously held rare and aged Apostoles sherry. This cask has been exclusively sourced from the González Byass bodega and gifts the whisky with rich notes of orange, mango and crushed almonds.

Volume: 70cl ABV: X

The Flavour Profile

The Colour

Rich mahogany with russet highlights

The Nose

Aromas of ginger spice and spicy coffee follow warm hints of fresh oranges, tangerines and lemongrass

The Taste

Ripened bananas, marzipan and spicy coffee, with a tang of orange rind, pulp of pear, coupled with layers of ginger spice, crushed almonds and toffee apple

One of the few examples where The Dalmore has only been matured in a single sherry cask. This exquisite cask has previously held 30 years old Apostoles sherry from the revered González Byass bodega. Upon assessing this whisky, I thoroughly admired its depth and bold characteristics. I knew I simply had to include it within the collection

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller