The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1971 (cask no. 2)

The Constellation Collection

The Dalmore 1971 (cask no. 2)

The charm and elegance of this whisky can be attributed to one thing – the cask. This specially selected wood was drawn from the Ozark Range in Missouri. The staves were cut and left to season for three years before the Master Cooper handcrafted them into a perfect cask and ‘fired’ the wood to release the natural caramelised wood sugars and vanilla.

The cask was then filled with the finest bourbon whisky in Kentucky. Three years later the empty cask was hand selected by Master Distiller, Richard Paterson, and shipped to The Dalmore distillery.

The rich and complex spirit taken from the large bulbous stills at The Dalmore was laid to rest in the cask for 40 years.

Volume: 70cl ABV: X

The Flavour Profile

The Colour

A collage of colour from lemon to illuminating honeycomb gold

The Nose

Blood oranges, cinnamon spice and cider apples accentuated by tangy lime marmalade, buttermilk pancakes and honey with whispers of Turkish delight and lemongrass.

The Flavour

Toffee apple, chocolate fudge and pear with a dusting of cocoa, nutmeg and ripe bananas.

“For me, this cask highlighted the very best flavours that come from Kentucky bourbon wood. Delectable notes of cinnamon spice, vanilla and lemongrass prevail

Richard Paterson
Master Distiller