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Luminary No.1 - 2022 Edition

A shared passion for natural materials, rarity and collective artistry is at the heart of the first limited edition release of The Luminary Series.

Co-conceived by globally-acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma, designer of V&A Dundee and his protégé Maurizio Mucciola, in hand with Master Distiller, Richard Paterson OBE and Master Whisky Maker, Gregg Glass.

With a collective ambition to push boundaries to realize their potential, inspired by the interplay of light and nature, and the potential which lies within natural materials and ingredients. Together they have created two very special single malts, The Rare and The Collectible.

The Inspiration

Bottle of whisky and glass

Meet the Luminaries

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Kengo Kuma

Internationally acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma was the visionary architect of V&A Dundee and the Olympic stadium in Tokyo. In 2021 he was celebrated by Time Magazine as the most influential architect of the year. His striking designs seek to blend their cultural and environmental surroundings.

"I try to capture the spirit in what I do using natural materials and the forces we cannot see to release the potential within."

Kengo Kuma
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Maurizio Mucciola

Italian-born architect Maurizio Mucciola, considered Kuma’s protégé, credits his mentor for inspiring his architecture and design practice today. Mucciola led, as project architect, the realization of Kuma’s design Scotland’s Design Museum, V&A Dundee.


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“Harmony between architecture and nature is my drive.”

Maurizio Mucciola

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Gregg Glass

The Dalmore Master Whisky Maker, Gregg Glass, has worked alongside Paterson for six years. He credits Richard with sparking his interest in whisky and cementing his ambition to become a whisky maker.

"It’s all about crafting with those natural materials something that is completely unique."

Gregg Glass
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Richard Paterson OBE

Considered the greatest whisky maker of his generation, The Dalmore Master Distiller, Richard Paterson OBE is admired across the globe for his passion and innovative flair when it comes to whisky making.


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"Making a single malt is an artistic process."

Richard Paterson OBE

The Philosophy

The importance placed on the extensive use of natural materials, especially wood, is Kuma-san’s signature and is reflected in his design of V&A Dundee’s interior. At The Dalmore, the location’s fundamental elements of soil and timber play an intrinsic role in the whisky-making process and in giving its distinctive flavor.

Together the Luminaires established a poetic connection between design and whisky-making: highlighting mutually utilized materials, taking inspiration from the power and natural surroundings of each destination, and honoring their friendship with V&A Dundee that brought them together.

The Artistry

Artistic exploration continues throughout every facet of The Rare and The Collectible whiskies; from a unique sculpture designed by Kengo Kuma to house The Rare, to the elegant design that holds the Collectible. Each is presented as piece of art to exalt the rare precious whisky within.